Best packaging approach for GCC High?

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From what I understand bulk enrollment and Autopilot are not available in GCC High (yet). Any suggestions on the best way to manage applications and configuration of Win10 devices?

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@Heather Zigli! Thanks for the question! Have you visited 


To clarify, are you looking to deploy configurations, configuration packages, and/or applications?

@Roy Barton  I have not - thank you for sharing that resource! Unfortunately, we are are not building out an AD infrastructure using IAAS or ADDS for our initial phase (primary workload is O365 collaboration). So we have no "on-prem" element to the solution.

Great to know for other client scenarios, though :)

@Heather Zigli , 


Please check out Create configuration baselines - Configuration Manager | Microsoft Docs to get you started with configuring Windows 10 devices via MEM. You also have the ability to deploy custom PoSH scripts, found Add PowerShell scripts to Windows 10 devices in Microsoft Intune - Azure | Microsoft Docs. Finally, here is guidance on deploying apps, Windows 10 app deployment by using Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs.


Thanks for reaching out!