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May 31 2023, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Azure AD Profile on local computers

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From time to time when troubleshooting issues on computers we end up needing to reset a user's Windows profile to start it clean. Now that we have devices joined to Azure AD it seems that some elements of the user profile are stored in Azure and transferred to new devices when that user signs in to another Azure AD joined device.


If we are suspicious of an issue with the user's profile and need to reset it, is there a way for us to reset or erase the profile information within AzureAD without having to delete the user?


In my particular case I have odd behaviour with the column sizing within Windows Explorer that seems to be tied to my Windows profile based on the discussions I've seen. This same annoying behaviour seems to travel with me to other Azure AD joined devices? Could this profile data be coming from Azure AD?

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@BrianG-PPN - The settings may be syncing with Enterprise State Roaming. I'd suggest taking a look at Enable Enterprise State Roaming as that covers some of the basics of toggling the settings. You can also look at Troubleshooting Enterprise State Roaming .