Alternatives for Endpoint DLP in GCC high?

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Does the information posted here:


Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for US Government customers - Windows security | Microsoft Docs


indicate there is no EndPoint DLP for Windows 10 in GCC High?


Or is it just a lack of integration?


Looking to understand what our endpoint DLP options are in a GCC High environment. We are trying to avoid third-party solutions, so Microsoft native capabilities would be preferred. 



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@Heather Zigli both actually (for now) we are working on DLP for GCC-High and then integration to Defender for Endpoint will come afterwards.  Don't have an time to share just yet but we will be updating the link you provided as well as Plan for Microsoft 365 compliance - GCC High - Service Descriptions | Microsoft Docs

@Rick_Munck  Are there any recommended cloud-only DLP alternatives for organizations targeting CMMC Level 3 compliance? Just wondering what other clients are doing in this space. :)

@Heather Zigli I would suggest pinging your account team and discuss your requirements as the answer to your question can vary based on your needs, OS versions, etc


@Rick_Munck Thanks - we are currently working with our ACE and another GCC High specialist to work through the topic :)