allow for Microsoft product updates greyed out

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We use sccm for managing updates and when we switch to the WUFB co-management workload, the allow for Microsoft product updates is always greyed out to false, even if we set it to 'Allow'.


I have check that AllowMUUpdateService is set to 1 and I also don't see any GPO registry keys for that setting under Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate

Also ran gpresult and RSOP to see any policies that could conflict, but I didn't find any.

Any other places I could look to see why it's greyed and managed by a policy6


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@lalanc01 Where are you seeing this greyed out in the MEM admin center or on the device?

On the device
best response confirmed by Rob York (Microsoft)

@lalanc01 we will grey out "Allow Microsoft Products" if you have configured the policy via Intune or Group Policy. Unfortunately, even if you remove the policy but do not remove the regkeys the UX on the device will remain greyed out.