Worry about Nano Server Future ...

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I'm really worry about future of Nano Server. I read this article on technet and I have many doubts about.

I think this is a really bad idea "downgrade" Nano Server as a standalone server. There are many escenarios that is perfect, DNS Server, IIS Server, Storage Server, Hyper-V host, Container host, Azure Server, Host Guardian Server, and many many others. Limit Nano Server to a Container is really sad.

What about headless is great ! Less surface of attack, more secure ! Small footprint and less services running ! Nano Server is the future of cloud server ! Please reconsider that decission, If we want to use Server Core, Full desktop or Nano Server, let us decide, please. I love Nano Server and I expend many hours testing and making manuals like this.

Hope Microsoft Server Team consider this post.


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Completely agree.

Anybody that cares about this issue should give their feedback to Microsoft.
Posting here and/or at uservoice are both good options:

Whoever took over from Snover needs to communicate.
I agree. I think that its a bad idea to limit Nano's exposure in Window's Server's stronghold - ENTERPRISE!