Windows Server vNext Supports Legacy 2008 SP2 Domains?

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Just asking about something, it is just Simply Strange. My IT Point is System Integration with Microsoft Software so then i think it is quite Strange, that a vNext Server still allows Domains to be made with the 2008 Functional Level. It makes sense if you need at Least 2012, the ESU will be still Existing and lets see this at Face-Value, companies will still use 2012 and 2012 R2, some even 2008. Right now i know some who use 2003.
In the 2022 Upgrade Wizard (from 2012 R2) it says all DCs need to be 2003 if you have AD Installed. But it never Changed much?

Thanks for an Update on this,

Greetings from Germany or smth

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@MaxiTheGreat We tend to not deprecate functional levels unless we have a really good reason to do so. Because the DFL/FFL acts independently of the supportedness of the related OSes, and for the remaining legitimate compatibility assessment & testing reasons, we plan to keep those DFL/FFLs around for a while longer.