Windows Server VNext Datacenter: Azure Edition Previews Available on Azure

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Windows Server VNext Datacenter: Azure Edition in both Desktop and Core versions is now available on the Microsoft Server Operating Systems Preview offer on Azure.  Windows Server VNext Datacenter: Azure Edition is only available on Azure. This preview is only available for use by registered Insiders.


What's New


We welcome you to experience functionality such SMB over QUIC and Azure Extended Networking. It also adds new functionality, including greatly improved Storage Replica performance and compression over congested and lower networks, and new security options for SMB over QUIC. Servicing for previews has not yet begun, therefore the checkbox to enable hotpatching on Core is currently disabled.


Storage Replica Compression for Data Transfer (Azure Edition only)


Storage Replica offers compression for data transferred between the source and destination servers in the next release of Windows Server Vnext Datacenter: Azure Edition.  This new functionality compresses the replication data at the source system, sent over the network and decompressed and saved on the destination.  The result is fewer network packets to transfer the same amount of data, allowing for more throughput, less network utilization, which should also result in less cost for metered networks.


There will be no change in the way the replica groups and partnerships are created.  The only change will be new parameters in existing Storage Replica cmdlets:


New-SRGroup and New-SRPartnership


Default if parameter is not specified is “Disabled”


Set-SRGroup and Set-SRPartnership

-Compression [$true/$false]




All other commands and steps will remain the same.  These changes are not in Windows Admin Center at this time and will be added at a later date. 


Compression can be specified when the group and partnership is created using the “New” PowerShell cmdlets, or changed later using the “Set” PowerShell cmdlets.


Any feedback that you may have can be sent to  If you are getting higher performance, let us know and let us know how much of an increase it is, we welcome as much as we can get. 


For more information on what's new in Azure Edition, see Announcing Windows Server Preview Build 25075 - Microsoft Tech Community and




We value your feedback! 


The most important part of a frequent release cycle is to hear what's working and what needs to be improved, so your feedback is extremely valued. For Windows Server, use your registered Windows 10 or Windows 11 Insider device and use the Feedback Hub application.  In the app, choose the Windows Server category and then the appropriate subcategory for your feedback. In the title of the Feedback, please indicate the build number you are providing feedback on as shown below:

     [Server #####] Title of my feedback


See Give Feedback on Windows Server via Feedback Hub for specifics. We also encourage you to visit the Windows Server Insiders space on the Microsoft Tech Communities forum to collaborate, share and learn from experts. The Insider forum supports pre-release builds of the next version of Windows Server. For versions that have been released to general availability in market, try the Windows Server for IT Pro forum or contact Support for Business.


Terms of Use


This is pre-release software - it is provided for use "as-is" and is not supported in production environments. Users are responsible for installing any updates made available from Windows Update.   All pre-release software made available to you via the Windows Server Insider program is governed by the Insider Terms of Use.

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