Windows Server Previews Available on Azure

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Hello Windows Insiders!

Two Windows Server previews are now available for testing virtual machines in Azure in the Microsoft Server Operating Systems Preview offer. You must be a registered Windows Insider in order to create and use virtual machine images from this preview, and have a valid Azure subscription.


Windows Server 2022 Datacenter brings innovation to Windows Server that enables customers to run their existing and new business critical applications with confidence on Azure, on-premises and at the edge. Windows Server 2022 Datacenter brings the latest in security innovation, unique hybrid capabilities, and enhancements for modern applications. As a part of the release, we are bringing Secured-core to Windows Server to secure system running applications and services on Windows Server 2022. Secured-core builds on technologies such as System Guard and Windows Server Virtualization-based Security to minimize risk from firmware vulnerabilities and advanced malware. The new release also provides secured connectivity enabled by industry standard AES 256 encryption. Also, this release packs in significant improvements to Windows container runtime such as cross-version compatibility and containerization tools for .NET, ASP.NET and IIS applications. 


We are also pleased to offer a preview of Windows Server 2019 Datacenter: Azure Edition. Azure Edition preview expands on the existing Windows Server 2019 Datacenter server core edition with new Hotpatch capability that allows application of security patch updates to servers without needing to reboot for up to 6 months at a time. This means increased uptime without sacrificing operating system security. Increase security and reduce business risk with multiple layers of protection built into the operating system. Windows Server 2019 Datacenter: Azure Edition is only available on Azure.  



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