Windows Server Preview Build 25997 - How to Activate NVMe/TCP?

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Hello all,


NVMe/TCP preview support for Windows Server was announced during MSFT Ignite a couple of weeks ago. Should it already be inside the current build? If so, I can't find anything in the registry to activate the feature.


Has anyone activated it yet? If so, how is it done?


Any help is much appreciated!



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I would also appreciate some info.

I am also looking forward to testing this out :D
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@janecpav @JakeSteele
I represent the team at Microsoft working on the NVMe-oF support which is currently under development. As we continue to develop this feature, I would love to hear more about your interest and the feature scenarios important to you. Please reach out to me at '' and I can share more information with you.



Thanks for replying. I am not planning on using NVMe over Fabrics, but I am looking to see the IOPs difference for local NVME drives configured in a caching layer in storage spaces direct.
Any news about this topic? NVMe/TCP? Looking forward to test it with our Netapp storage.