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Windows Server build 20298 desktop | Remote desktop connections fail to initialize graphics system


HELP! Since upgrading from a prior preview build I get a black screen with this error dialog when connecting from remote desktop clients--Windows or macOS:


    Unable to connect

    The graphics display components in the remote session failed to start up.

    Error code: 0x11


What's the secret sauce for making this problem go away in this specific build of Windows Server?


I ask because this problem seems to be well known as evidenced by the various incantations recommended on the internet. Does the Windows team have any idea about this or is it something that we need to figure out on our own?

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Have you installed any graphic card driver on those devices?
In case you have access to Windows 10 device, open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and under Windows Server category report this issue.

@Reza_Ameri initially i took the default graphic card drivers. i then tried the nVidia drivers on my HP machine’s driver download page. I then tried the most recent nVidia drivers. None of these drivers work. I guess now I will remove myself from this conversation and throw some info at the Windows team.

And after leaving some info on the Feedback Hub I’m bowing out of the preview program. I leveled my box and installed Windows 10 Pro Workstation 20H2 and I’m good to go. I’ll post back, if I hear anything back on this issue. I’m not counting on it.

Good luck all!
Thank you for sharing and update, since this is preview such issues might happens. Please submit as much as log files to better investigate it. I didn't notice this issue but I will keep an eye on the community to see if anyone face the same issue.