Windows Server 2025 build and SKU questions


Dear Windows Server Team,

few questions from my end. Hopefully other Insiders can share thoughts on these, too.

1. can we assume 26100 (WS 2025 preview) to be a RTM candidate and b26277 a vNext release already?

2.  What are the feature and benefits differences between the WS 2025 Azure Edition and WS 2025 preview b26100 & WS 2025 b26277+. Question arises as with SMB QUIC, and Hotpatch in both, I see kinda feature parity. TY for your time sharing more insights on this. Also in docs. WS 2025 preview is documented (not feature complete, lot of Hyper-V things are missing), but no work on Azure Edition preview yet. 

3. Since a certain time the announcement of Azure Edition ISO in the blog fell behind the WS build announcement. Matches with #2. Why, what's the need for Azure Edition atm?

Azure Edition is reportingly at 26085.


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