Windows Server 2022 Preview Evaluation released today

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Re: today's release of the Preview on the Eval Center (20348), are we expected to keep filing feedback on this build? Is this a preview or is this any type of a 'Release Candidate' (RC) of the final WS2022 release?

Are there any new features, or fixes worth pointing out here? Thank you for any and all information you can provide.


- Michael

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There are pretty nice "toolbars" in the taskbars. All icons have been updated (looks like new IOS update on iphones ;D) and now the servers are more with azure connectable. Prob. more.

I think they will change a few things, but prob, just some technical things. Like some bugs and maybe some features. We will see.


Check it out I think its nice.
Hm, are you just talking about the new Edge icon and the Search toolbar being the box option by default? If not, any chance of a screenshot of what you mean?

I admit I'm not all that personally invested in the visuals of a Server release generally, but I am curious based on your comment, since I don't see anything new there at all.

@Michael Sovitzky-Reinders 


I already know about the Insider builds and preview releases. I've been installing them for the past 6 months or so. I was asking Microsoft to offer a teensy weensy bit more of information and communication. I haven't seen any advice or game plan from MS on what we should be focusing on when installing these builds. What scenarios, quests, etc. should we be following?


I'm sure we're very close to the finish line by now. I am just looking for Mary to offer some advice and guidance on what the Server Insider team at Microsoft is looking for us insiders to do at this point in time.


Thank you for your responses.


- Michael

I wonder if, until RTM, this preview will be updated via Windows Update or we shall download a new build each week. This is important, we need feedback from Microsoft on this.
Yes, cumulative updates will be available via Windows Update.

@Mary Hoffman 


Thank you, Mary. Are you at liberty to say that Build 20348.1 will be iterated via Cumulative Updates, or will there be more builds that will eventually be dubbed 'RTM' or the final build for 2022 that will be incremented with CUs?


- Michael

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There's a blog post coming soon. I'll post a link here when it's live. :)
@Mary Hoffman congratulations on the near release.

Can you tell something about some open issues and their triage state, please?
I have brought up some minor things in Server 2022 LTSC preview on and hope they can be addressed. Some exist since Server 2012.

One is critical with Storage Spaces and ReFS and can cause data loss. SR open for over a year. Introed in 1903 they work on a backport. Server 2022 and Windows 10 1903-21H2 are affected.

Where to report issues if I would like to have them triaged? Feedback hub is not very active with feedback. Thank you very much!

How long do we have this trial?

Is any key necessary?

Evaluation media has the activation key pre-installed. EVAL media expires in 180 days from activation. To activate, connect to the internet, which will allow the software licensing service to attempt activation. Evaluation media will be available on the Microsoft Evaluation Center until the product reaches end of servicing.

Hello @Mary Hoffman thanks for your helpful post. I have noticed that on there are Server 2022 Preview ISOs, can you confirm they are on the same build (RTM) as the eval versions. So far I missed to see RTM versions of Server 2022 LTSC there.




The ISOs on VSS are build 20348.1. For all intents and purposes, those are RTM. There has been one cumulative update that brings the version to 20348.11.

They are the same build as on the Evaluation Center - 20348.1.

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There's a blog post coming soon. I'll post a link here when it's live. :)

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