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Windows Server 2022 Preview Bug Discovered

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I am running Windows Server 2022 Preview Standard and have discovered a bug.


I'm not really sure where to report it, so I'll report it here.


Currently running Build 20348.75.


If you run secpol.msc, and change Network List Manager Policies/Network/Network Location and change the server to Location Type - Private, when you reboot, the server is unresponsive in terms of for example clicking control panel/Windows Defender. Cant launch Edge etc.....something fundamentally wrong.


Thankfully I have a snapshot to rollback to, but this is a pretty big issue for my servers that are not domain joined, but are in fact on a private network, not a public one.

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Hi @alanplum241276

Check out this article with further information how to report bugs:

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With respect, I am reporting a bug with server 2022, not windows 10. Server 2022 does not have the feedback hub.
I have forwarded your issue to the appropriate team for investigation. They may contact you directly if they need more information. You can use Feedback Hub on a Windows 10 box to report a bug on server, but what you've done here is just as good. Thank you for letting us know.

@alanplum241276, I am investigating your reported issue.  In order to best serve you I will need more information.  With your settings stabilized (network set as Private), from an elevated command prompt, please run the following
NetSh.exe WFP Capture Start
   Attempt to Launch Edge ( "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" --profile-directory=Default )
   Attempt to open the Windows Defender Firewall control panel ( %WinDir%\System32\Firewall.cpl )

   Attempt to open the Windows Defender Firewall Snap-In ( %WinDir%\System32\WF.msc )

NetSh.exe WFP Capture Stop

You can send the resultant to

Dusty Harper

@Dusty Harper, I have sent you an email but I have been unable to do what you have asked as the system hangs on NetSh.exe WFP Capture Start when network set to private.