Windows Server 2022 HLK new test : Hardware-enforced Stack Protection Compatibility Test

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new test is fail, below error message

Cause : INFORMATION: Task "Run Test" Failed Because the Task With TaskTimeout Flag Was running after the Timeout period 1800000 MilliSeconds

Cause : The Execute Task with Commandline cmd /c TE.exe /inproc /enablewttlogging /appendwttlogging cethlktest.dll /name:CetHlkTest::CetCompatDeviceTest::* /p:"QueryDriverFile1=secure_os.sys" /p:"QueryDriverFile2=secure_os.sys" /p:"QueryDriverFile3=" /p:"QueryDriverFile4=" /p:"QueryDriverFile5=" /p:"QueryDriverFile6=" /p:"QueryDriverFile7=" /p:"QueryDriverFile8=" /p:"QueryDriverFile9=" /p:"QueryDriverFileOverflow=" Failed with ExitCode 8201adaf





and the driver can PASS HLK installable file system filter test for Windows Server 2016 but failed on Windows Server 2022. Error as below:
filesystem exFAT




filesystem UDF




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This test opens a console on the test computer with a silly question: "Did you read this and agree this is really not testing anything, but nagging you? Y/N"
You need to press 'Y' and Enter for the test to "succeed". Otherwise, it times out after a while.
Thanks, This Test Success.

but, installable file system filter test failed..