Windows Server 2022 HLK new test : Hardware-enforced Stack Protection Compatibility Test

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new test is fail, below error message

Cause : INFORMATION: Task "Run Test" Failed Because the Task With TaskTimeout Flag Was running after the Timeout period 1800000 MilliSeconds

Cause : The Execute Task with Commandline cmd /c TE.exe /inproc /enablewttlogging /appendwttlogging cethlktest.dll /name:CetHlkTest::CetCompatDeviceTest::* /p:"QueryDriverFile1=secure_os.sys" /p:"QueryDriverFile2=secure_os.sys" /p:"QueryDriverFile3=" /p:"QueryDriverFile4=" /p:"QueryDriverFile5=" /p:"QueryDriverFile6=" /p:"QueryDriverFile7=" /p:"QueryDriverFile8=" /p:"QueryDriverFile9=" /p:"QueryDriverFileOverflow=" Failed with ExitCode 8201adaf





and the driver can PASS HLK installable file system filter test for Windows Server 2016 but failed on Windows Server 2022. Error as below:
filesystem exFAT




filesystem UDF




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This test opens a console on the test computer with a silly question: "Did you read this and agree this is really not testing anything, but nagging you? Y/N"
You need to press 'Y' and Enter for the test to "succeed". Otherwise, it times out after a while.
Thanks, This Test Success.

but, installable file system filter test failed..

In case anyone is looking through these threads trying to figure out how to see this command console, in order to respond to it, you have to be logged in as the local account 'dtmlluadminuser' on the machine. 


If it doesn't show, close all existing command windows in your current session, then go into Task Manager, and there should be one cmd.exe running, and see what account it is running under.


You have to be currently waiting for that one test to complete (which takes forever) which is the step that opens up that command window.  The test is in the image below.