Windows Server 2019 standar and virtual machines

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Hello friends, I would like you to clarify some doubts that I have about the licensing of Windows server 2019 standard. Since I purchased a license for my server, I would also like to add two virtual machines with the same license. According to the license specifications it says that I can have two virtual machines. But it does not specify if I can also have the physics without invalidating my license. Regards

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You can use the Server 2019 Standard License on one host and two virtual machines, but only if the host license is used for a Hyper-V Host Server which hosts the virtual machines.

Aside from disaster recovery scenarios you are also not allowed to move this VMs to a different host. And as the physical host where you use the license has to be the one that runs the 2 vms, you should not run anything else on this host aside from virtualization.

It's not 3 licenses, it's either 1 full physical server license or 2 virtual licenses + 1 physical Hyper-V Host for the virtual machines.

If you host 4 virtual machines on the same host, you need 2 server standard licenses, both assigned to the same physical host (you only need to use one of the 2 keys to activate the host of course), which means you can't use the license on any other physical host! @JosueGonzalezC 


Thank you very much for your reply. So in summary, I can have a physical host with the standard 2009 license and within this host 2 virtual machines with Hyper-V with the same license. It is right?

Yes, this is correct. @JosueGonzalezC