Windows Server 2019 Preview Release Frequency

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A  question here in regards to the frequency of Windows Server 2019 Preview Releases...
Since July 10 there have been 4 Windows Server 2019 Preview Releases:
17733 August 14 2018
17723 July 31 2018
17713 July 17 2018
17709 July 10 2018
While it is good to have quick access to new bits as they are available, it can be challenging to co-ordinate validation efforts of the product when there are such frequent updates.
Is there any information or guidance out there in regards to the frequency of future Preview Releases that we can leverage to help co-ordinate our investigative work accordingly?

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The default schedule for Server Insider preview builds is every other week. This may vary depending on build stability or other factors, such as where we are in the release cycle. Unlike Technical Previews of the past, Insider releases do come out more frequently so that we can obtain feedback on issues and address them more rapidly. We have also improved the upgrade experience to facilitate moving to a newer build more easily.  Please see Windows Server Semi-Annual Channel Update for more information about the changes to our offerings and release cycle. Thanks for your input.