Windows Server 2019 (17623) / Windows 10 (1803) - Sound Recording Issues

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I've tested alot of things in new 1803 release ( desktop and server ), however alot of soundcards do not work correctly.


One example all creative X-Fi cards and some realtek cards.


X-Fi cards:


Reproduction of this error:

1. Switch mode to Audio Creation Mode

2. Go To Creative console launcher (Mixer)

3. Click on Monitor on the left side

4. Click on record (radio button)


Whole Console freezes and you can't click any buttons on it anymore, it also doesn't record the source you selected in control panel > sounds > recording.


So for example skype doesn't hear any sound from selected microphone input that is selected and default for microphone input in windows control panel.


It works on (tested):
Windows 10 (1607) / Server 2016 (1607)

Windows 10 (1703)

Windows 10 (1709)


It doesn't work on:

Windows 10 (1803) / Server 2019 (1803)


I think it has to do something with this new sound section in settings that wasn't in previous versions of Windows 10 / server.


Drivers i used were latest and 100% compatible with windows 10:


This represents some problems on servers that are streaming audio and or analyzing/recording live audio from microphones / live line-in sources.



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