Win Server 2019 (17733) - Running Windows Update troubleshooter fails with msdt.exe error

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I am attempting to run the Windows Update Troubleshooter and it fails with an error on msdt.exe. I am running this from the GUI (running it from the command line has not worked for some considerable time, hence using the GUI). I click on the Windows update troubleshooter and click 'Run the troubleshooter' and get this error:


Also - I've tried to run other troubleshooters and each one fails.

More importantly, NO troubleshooters work with Windows Server 2019 - ALL fail with this error. I realise that the command-line troubleshooters are broken and have been for years inside Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019. But now they also fail from the GUI. 

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STILL broken in the June 2021 .iso

"Agile" at its finest.

@Rob Garrett This is why I just love GitHub and the products supported by GitHub. You find an issue, file it, and you get transparency as to resolution. You can see the folks saying yes, no, or something else. I get a sense out of satisfaction when filling an issue on Github. UserVoice, and the feebadk hub, are just black boxes - you put stuff in and wait. And wait. And maybe things get fixed. Or not.


The COM bug that plagues me has been ongoing for 2 years - yet no progress. The only suggestion is that I get a less powerful workstation since my current box is too much of an edge case for the team. When I worked on OSs (I helped to develop two in my career) I'd love to have anyone who can repeatedly break my code. I would be overjoyed with a repo and would fall over backwards to find a resolution.