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Why the Windows Server vNext has only core edition? where is the GUI?

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As the title says.

is Microsoft planning to remove the GUI from Windows servers? i really hope not

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For GUI option with windows server stick to the long term servicing channel




@Dave Patrick 

Yeah I know. I mean as part of the Windows Insider program Microsoft is testing the next Windows server and receives feedback from users but I was wondering why they aren't testing it with GUI.

the GUI maybe have bugs/issues that insiders can report via feedback.

It is likely a semi-annual release.



@Dave Patrick 

well obviously lol. Microsoft website says that when downloading it. that doesn't explain why it is missing GUI.

Long term servicing channel is released every 2-3 years so you may have to wait on next preview build.



@Dave Patrick 

I don't understand how it is even related. I never talked about LTSC. please let others with more knowledge on this matter answer. thank you

Too funny, try reading here.


One of the most important steps we take in planning each release of Windows Server is listening to customer feedback – how are you using Windows Server? What new features will have the greatest impact on your Windows Server deployments, and by extension, your day-to-day business? Your feedback tells us that delivering new innovation as quickly and efficiently as possible is a key priority. At the same time, for those customers innovating most quickly, you’ve told us that you’re primarily using command line scripting with PowerShell to manage your datacenters, and as such don’t have a strong need for the desktop GUI available in the installation of Windows Server with Desktop Experience, especially now that Windows Admin Center is available to remotely manage your servers.

By focusing on the Server Core installation option, we’re able to dedicate more resources toward those new innovations, while also maintaining traditional Windows Server platform functionality and application compatibility. If you have feedback about this or other issues concerning Windows Server and our future releases, you can make suggestions and comments through the Feedback Hub.






@Dave Patrick 

there you go. could have said that in the first place instead of saying "For GUI option with windows server stick to the long term servicing channel". 


How silly, I posted the link to document in my first reply.



@Dave Patrick first you said "For GUI option with windows server stick to the long term servicing channel" and that was very misleading, as if i'm asking how to get GUI on Windows server, then reading a few lines of that long page didn't give me any relevant info so i stopped. so yeah how silly really?

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