When is Network Profile Issue for Domain Controllers going to be at least acknowledged?

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Since the insider builds from 25398 to the latest 26227 all have the same bug where the domain controller on the builds will show the network category as Public instead of DomainAuthenticated and the only way to fix it is to disable and re-enable the NIC after each reboot.


There has been a few bug reports submitted in the feedback hub and in this community many months ago.  It would be at least be nice to be acknowledged.

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As soon WS 2025 DC works with mslab I can look into that, to see if it's reproducible on my end.

Could you share get-netadapter, and get-netipconfiguration, please?
tyvm! looks good (or not). Will this also happen before the VM is a AD DS server (DC)?
have you disabled IPv6 or all "stock config"?

What is your external DNS in DNS forwarder on each of the DCs?
Without it the machines cannot see the internet. Test-Connection www.google.de should fail.
Agreed this should not affect the network profile (NLA). but worth looking into.