Very strange, I had no issues upgrading to build 25083 HOWEVER I'm getting lots of errors with 25099

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I downloaded the 25099 ISO last night and it completed.  I then added it to the virtual DVD player and tried to install like I always do right over the last build, however this time when I click on the setup.exe file there was several messages popping up about incompatible files within the iso and it reminded me of the type of messages you used to see when you tried to install an x64 version of windows on an x86 computer.  I only tried it once, hopefully after another download and install today it wont give me these problems.

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When you stated that you added it to the virtual DVD player, I assume you mean that you double-clicked the .iso file and Windows mounted/assigned it to a drive letter. Is that correct? What I usually do is copy the files within the .iso file to somewhere on an internal drive. I do this just in case the installation process would at some point unmount the .iso file from the drive letter when the installation still needs files from it. I don't know if this is happening in your case, especially since you have stated that you have not had problems doing it this way with previous builds, but it could be worth a try. Have you verified that your download did not get corrupted? I have just downloaded Windows_InsiderPreview_Server_vNext_en-us_25099.iso and my SHA-512 checksum is 2638A56B8E020073BBD3F297D9264ACD222EA8B08B1B43794EF3ADDA43D066C1. I haven't tried to perform an upgrade yet, but if your SHA-512 checksum matches mine, it's a good bet that both our downloads are proper.

@tux9656 yeah I forget to come back and update this. The iso didn't download completely. Duh

Sorry. It works.