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Upgrading from Windows Server 2016 to 2019

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Is Windows Server 2019 considered a safe upgrade from Windows Server 2016?  Is it like installing a new build in Windows 10 (e.g. going from 1703 to 1709)?  or is it more substantial than that? traditionally we haven't done in-place upgrades of Server OS, but wondered if 2019 is different, and more like a build upgrade than an OS upgrade?


And is there instructions for doing an upgrade of 2016 to 2019?

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We will be supporting upgrading from Windows Server 2016 to Windows Server 2019.

Is that an upgrade in the traditional sense (just like the upgrades for 2012R2 to 2016)?   Or is this something new that is closer to how Windows 10 upgrades from build to build?

Wish you would've gotten an actual answer to your question... I am trying to find out the same information.

Considering the breaking changes and migration process of roles it's a traditional full OS migration.


You will also need to buy a license for 2019 before you can upgrade to it because 2016 and 2019 are LTSC releases, they are treated as individual products.


The SAC version of Windows Server though is upgraded twice per year, it is treated as a subscription service.


I hope that clarifies things!

AS for the SAC versions of windows. 1709 to 1803 doesn't seem to have an upgrade path. So how can we trust that 1803 to 1709 does?