Upgrade win2022 with Error code: 0xC1900101-0x50015

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I was unsuccessful in my attempt to upgrade the VM's operating system from Win2012R2 to Win2022. And setupdiag.exe is what I use to debug. It displayed the following message to me. I have attempted to run chkdsk.exe and dism.exe as well as remove any security software. Anyone who might help me?


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Thanks for your reply. But the win2012R2 don't support the update troubleshooting, i can't found the button about that.


Overview of Windows Server upgrades | Microsoft Learn

Sorry - I was wrong. 

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I will ask the Manager to move your post to the correct space :) now you're in Windows Insider.

please run setup diag. This will give you more insights on why it is failing.
Friendly reminder: this space is for Windows Server Insider (vNext version) not for the released 2022 LTSC.

Try in two steps: First upgrade to Server 2019, run all updates, then update to Server 2022. Direct upgrade from 2012 R2 to 2022 is, in my experience, a game of luck.

Keep following in mind: 2019 and 2022 need a bigger boot / WindowsRE partition, you may have to use a partition resizer before upgrading.

Unfortunately former versions created winre Partitions before OS drive. Later ones create it after the OS drive given the flexibilility to resize itself on upgrade.

On some there are even more than one winre partitions.

If this is a VM attach the disk it to a Windows 10 or 11 VM and use cheaper Tools. Or buy a single license of Partition wizard for one Windows Server VM doing the same.

You need it in case to enlarging c Partition and move the winre at the end of the disk.

Very unfortunate that Windows doesn't handle this and only 3rd party software.