Upgrade issue in Windows Server 2019 Evaluation edition to Standard Edition

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We have purchased a license for Windows server 2019 and Exchange server 2019 around 6 months back. We got our license of Exchange server 2019 in 2 days, but didn't get Windows Server license. We downloaded the evaluation copy of Windows server 2019 and configure exchange server on it. Now we have around 1500 mailboxes in it.

We received Windows Server 2019 product key after around 20 days, and when we tried to register with that key, we got the error "The product key you are entering is not valid." We cant reinstall our server again because then we have to do it all over again and data of 1500 users will get lost.

Is there any way to upgrade Server 2019 Evaluation copy to Standard Edition. We already have the genuine license key.


Himanshu Tomar

Manager - IT

ITV Network Pvt. Ltd.

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@Brent Forman 


Hi Brent,


Thank You so much for your response.

I went trough the link you provided and now i see where the actual problem is. The Windows server we are working on is also a Domain Controller. and as described in the guide, we can not convert the evaluation copy to retail copy if AD DC role installed in it.

Now what i have to do is install AD DC role on another server, remove it from current one. and then try again.


Thank You again, this was really helpfull.


Himanshu Tomar