Update from 17733 to newest?

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I had assumed I would be able to update to the new build released a day or so ago, but it is not ever being shown in the 2 2019 Datacenter servers that I installed last week for testing. 


Any hints?

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I see that the ability to update between builds was added in 17733, so is this a bug in that, or something else?
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For updating between builds, I believe you need to grab the ISO and then you can do an in-place upgrade. That's how I've been doing them.

Just burn, pop it in, and upgrade? I'm a long-long time Linux sysop, and last week I decided to burn some of our Bizspark keys and see what you guys have been up to in the last decade or so. Must say, 2016/2019 is great stuff, I managed to get a dual-site, dual-controller network up and running with a couple exchange servers and a few other various bits. Fun ride...

I am happy to report the process was exactly that, download, burn, run setup.exe, go outside and vape a bit, come back an log into the new build. Smooth as butter.

Glad I took the plunge with this stuff, pretty fun replicating the Linux network with Windows hahaha.

David Bird is correct, the newer builds are not delivered to your device, you have to download the ISO and then perform the upgrade.

I have tried to update/upgrade to the latest build, however, when hitting "Upgrade" it fails, and even if I boot into the ISO which I burned, I get errors about "Terms and Conditions" file is missing.