Suggestion: Improve Windows Server update process and reduce down times


Make Windows Server to be able to check, download, install updates while the server is running.

like Android project Mainline.

so at first there will be 2 OS drives instead of 1, they'll be clones of each other. when an updates pops up, the OS will download and install it on the other drive that is not used to run the OS. the updates can be installed and completely finished on that drive. the next time a system admin restarts the server, OS will boot up from the other updated drive without ANY downtime for installing or finishing updates. once the system boots up, the OS will update the first drive as well to make it ready for the next update cycle and this same procedure can happen again and again.


this greatly reduces server downtimes and will be a great feature to compete against Linux servers.

technically EVERYTHING that can be done in Linux servers CAN be done in Windows Servers too. the only difference is the time it takes to do it.

for example installing a server role on Windows server can take as little as 5 to 10 minutes but on Linux it can take up to 2 hours to get the same result. and it brings No benefits whatsoever.

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Hi @HotCakeX,

You can also give your suggestion over at the Windows Server uservoice over here:


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Thanks, i posted there too as well as in the feedback hub:

hope it gets the attention it deserves since it's an important matter.

the server updates shouldn't handled in the same was as updates in normal Windows versions are handled.

in normal windows versions downtimes is not usually an issue.