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Hi dears.

I am looking for the best book to learn windows server 2003.

Having searched enough i found that i need to study fundamental of network and there was network plus book then i studied it now the next step is to learn windows server 2003 as a first start, so i surfed the net but there were lots of different references for this concern so i decided to directly ask from Microsoft windows server community to find out what is the best book for learning "WINDOWS SERVER 2003" from beginner to its advanced level. thank you.

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Look at Mastering Windows Server 2003, or the Windows Server 2003 Dummies book, both available very cheap from Amazon. Most are now out of print. Would then strongly advise forgetting them and look to install a secure, up to date current version of Windows Server such as 2016 and focus on that...

Perfect Mr. Andrew

Thanks for help, as you mentioned i know that windows server 2003 is completely out of work but for making a strong base of my knowledge i prefer to start from the fundamental.

of course i will study all of the references available.

is it OK if I ask you to name all of the other best books available from windows server 2003 to latest versions? it would be great.

Your sincerely: Ali HAVAKHAH 

No worries - SAMS produce good books, but it may be worth looking at a subscription to something like Safari for the O'Reilly books - which cover most subjects, or Packt. I always like Microsoft Press - its official and tends to focus on exam content. 


Personally I would reconsider and start at the newest available version 2016 (And I know that's now superseded by 2019?). 2003 should be dead and buried now - mainly from a security perspective. You only have a finite amount of time/life for training and in theory you should want to get productive and I assume earn money from the skillset - so learn the latest and greatest- get certified and aim for MVP status - then if you feel the need start looking back over history most IT departments will have shelves full of retro books.  If you work for a company that has a room full of creaking 2003 servers - they need to review that situation and should be focussed on upgrades.


If you really want to review an earlier version, look at 2008 - Microsoft produced the Self Paced Training Kits for 70-640 etc which were good and can be picked up 2nd hand very cheaply. Very few 2003  resources are available now... it is a bit like learning to ride a horse so you can pass your driving test.


But what do I know... (;->) -- Wish you the best of luck.






Many thanks for information. yes of course version 2003 is out of work now but i want to have a useful glance to the content in order to keep trace of old issues and solutions so i prefer to start from the basic step by step to the latest available level. 

if there are other sources covering all the needs both for learning and exams available, i would thank you for letting me know,