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Server Preview Build 25066 seems to suffer from Windows 11's original start button issue with NO Functioning Right Click!

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Would you mind elaborate your issue in details?
Do you have any issue with the right click?
It is not working?
As written, NO functioning RT click. Rt click, quick almost negligible button flash, sometimes a few seconds and black screen from default then back to same, no rt Click menu.
To be clear RT click works everywhere else just not on Start Button.
I believe you're talking about the bug with the Win-X menu. Since that bug was fixed in this past week's client build, I would expect it will be fixed in the next server build. As you might already be aware, if you use vivetool and issue "vivetool addconfig 26008830 2" (for details, search and you'll find instructions/guides on that), it will workaround the issue. I did it the day 25066 came out and it's been fine since.

As a side note, this bug does illustrate how up-to-date Server is with Client nowadays. I remember when they used to be months (and sometimes years) different.
In this case, open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Try uninstall your mouse driver and restart your PC to use the Windows default one and then download and install the latest driver.
Wow, yes forgot about vivetool as we used on Win 11.. didn't occur to me to try it as I assumed after they corrected Win 11 that "fixed part" would have already been integrated into this Windows 11 Server Preview haha.. anyway, that correct the issue...thanks for the reminder!
i was wondering about that being a fix or workaround.. nice one...
This workaround does not work for 25075.
By the way I'm accessing the computer through Remote Desktop.
yeah noticed that.. it does random other things instead..