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Shut down event tracker window keeps popping up. On builds 20206 & 20211

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There was an option on gpedit.msc to Disable Shutdown Event Tracker on previous Windows Server versions, I had disabled there, as I have disable in here as well. That does not work on this, it seems to be a different feature. I assume it comes from the Windows 10 client of the same version, where multiple users can be present and also there is the presence of Fast Startup, absent on the Windows Server. THis may be a bug. If not, we shall probably get way to disable it, the same way as in Windows 10 Home or Pro.

@Radu Ilie 

Still same issue on version 20221.

Same issue in version 20226


It is an issues that comes from mainstrain Windows 10. The current version of Windows 10 has it (I have it on my office computer.), probably the equaivalent builds of Windows 10 (like 2026) that are the base for the Windows Server builds have it too. If we find out how to disable there, we can do it in here as well.

Thanks for your feedback. This is a known issue. I will notify Insiders in future comms when the issue is resolved.