Server-insider Build LTSC When next available to download

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When or is Microsoft going to make available another Server 2019 LTSC Desktop Experience build for me to download and test?

I cannot stand Server Core.  And I question why a Business should be interested in running a non-GUI Server pay license fees CALS and the whole 9 yards if they are going that route.  I know MS hates this mention, but the free Server that doesn't have to have a GUI would be far more attractive to a lot of Business that want a Desktop GUI less server.  Please keep in mind the following.  I started Beta Testing Microsoft OS's in 1996 or 1997 with Memphis (later Win 98), I continued testing the consumer and Business Desktop OS's through Whistler (Windows XP Professional.  The first Server OS I tested while I was getting Certified was NT 5.0 (Later known as Windows Server 2000).  I liked everything but Windows ME, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 that I tested.  I understand perfectly having worked several years as a System Admin before Retiring ( medical) that non Desktop GUI Servers run faster without the bulk.  I already explained why I wouldn't want to use Server Core/ Nano Server though.  I still consult and advise some System Administrators and other IT personnel I know. Hence my interest in Testing Windows Servers.   

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@Deleted It's simple. Windows (Server/client) now has 2 servicing streams. Semi-Annual Channel (SAC) and Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC). SAC builds are released every 6 months, and for server, these are targeted at workloads like containers, where rapid feature release is needed, and workloads are more disposable. And funnily enough, containers need to be lightweight and are gui-less. 

Then there is the LTSC builds, and they represent the traditional 3 year release cycle. These are great for traditional workloads, RDS and infrastructure workloads like HCI. These come with a GUI option.


Seeing as 2019 just dropped, and its an LTSC build, the current insider builds are focused on the next release, which will be a SAC build, hence no GUI. If you're wanting to work on the new, go and use WS2019, and start providing feedback on that so that when the time comes, MS will know what you want in the next LTSC.

Or, start focusing on modern workloads so that you can take advantage of SAC builds.


Also, with SAC and Server Core, there is now 2 new things to make administration easier, Windows Admin Center and Features On Demand! Windows Admin Center is the way forward for Windows Server Management, however a lot of the features are still missing, so in the meantime there is Features On Demand, which allows you to install the good old MMC tools on Server Core and get some of that old classic management experience back.


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