Server expire in september

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When Windows Server 2022 expires 15/9-2022 before expires

can change to retail or oem keys

Or must install new server before that date expires!!

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If you are asking how to convert an evaluation version of Windows Server 2022 to a production version, please refer to If you are asking about the expiration of the current VNext Insider builds, we will publish newer builds with a later expiration date before the current date expires, and a simple build-to-build upgrade will then extend the expiration date for you.
Hey, I runing build 22538 and can convert that build to retail after that link you sending last week!!
22538 and all preview Insider builds are not signed with production certificates and are not supported in production. These builds are for testing and validation purposes only.
thanks for info.
I download an Windows Server 2022 evaluation version and convert to an retail version is best way do if could not convert that version use now
22538 is not an Evaluation version of Windows Server 2022. 22538 is a preview version of Windows Server VNext (the branding in the preview has not been updated yet). Evaluation version of Windows Server 2022 may be obtained here: The Evaluation edition may be converted to production with the appropriate product key. Hope this helps.

@Mary Hoffman Well, looks like Build 25151 expires also 15th September 2022

Can we expect a vNext Insider which runs longer than 2 months from now on?

The certificate will be updated long before the current one expires. Rather than staying on a preview build for weeks or months, we encourage you to upgrade to newer builds as they are released in order to pick up new functionality and bug fixes.