[server 25314] External SET Team to Internal after Reboot.

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I have created SET Teaming on Windows Server 25314 (actually from a previous build) using External and 3 Intel i350-T4 ports, configured for Hyper-V and external access.










New-VMSwitch -Name SETSwitch -NetAdapterName "i350t4_1","i350t4_2","i350t4_3" -AllowManagementOS $true -EnableEmbeddedTeaming $true -EnableIov $true
Set-VMSwitchTeam -Name SETSwitch -LoadBalancingAlgorithm Dynamic










25314 SET Teaming VM Switch.png
In that case, the Hyper-V VM and OS can be accessed normally, but when I restart Windows Server, all Adapters disappear from SET Teaming and are changed to the Internal setting, and network access is lost.

25314 SET Teaming VM Switch after reboot.png

The above logs were obtained at WPR with Profile in Network.
Since the file is large, I will post a link to OneDrive.




In addition, if the EnableIov option is set to $false, a BSOD (KMODE_EXCEPTION_HANDLED) will occur after the Switch is created.

0x0000007e (0xffffffffc0000005, 0xfffff80643a95c61, 0xffffb28989f2a6d8, 0xffffb28989f29ef0)


Addition 2:
LBFO Teaming is working properly.


I tried to send it through the Feedback Hub and could not get it to work, so I have included it here.


Addition 3:
Server 25324 LBFO Teaming with New-VMSwitch failed.



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Hi, please refer to this article to create your network teaming on windows server 2022


Thanks for the reply.
In the meantime, LBFO Teaming can work fine and we usually do it that way.
However, I get warnings with every Windows Insider update, which is inconvenient to be honest.
I would like to be able to use SET Teaming normally, as SET Teaming worked in the same environment in a build a while ago (I lost the build number) and the performance was better than LBFO Teaming.


How many years has it been since SET Teaming was implemented?
How long will you leave it halfway?
And if you are going to leave it half-assed, isn't there a need to deprecate LBFO?
I have nothing but questions about the Server Team's policy.