Server 20285

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Cannot use NIC Teaming in Server Manager. Also cannot add new features with Server Manager.

I realize this is an insider edition but these are basic functions of Server.

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What's the error? Can you provide a screenshot?

@Dan Cuomo 

Will not allow me to add a new team network.


@Dan Cuomo 

I'll try this again. 20285 will not let me setup a new team network.



@RobrPatty Try this button




@Dan Cuomo 

thx for the reply Dan. But that button is grayed out just like the right click button on adapters.

@RobrPatty Your screenshot showed a different button being selected. Please review my screenshot I provided and if there's still a misunderstanding, we'll need some better screenshots and diagnostics on your system. The screenshot you sent previously was showing the wrong button being clicked.

@Dan Cuomo 

Here is a screenshot of your button(its greyed out).


@RobrPatty I'm using 21301 (previous screenshot) and am not seeing this problem there.  This appears to be fixed in a future release.


@Dan Cuomo 

Ok Dan thx for the info. We tried our best though. Lol

@Dan Cuomo 

I fresh installed Server 20287 and all issues are gone. etc. NIC Teaming, Adding and removing features, and no more shut down event tracker popping up. Most everything is working correctly. Thought you should know. Thx Mr. Cuomo