Server 2025 Hyper-V administration improvements?

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Outside of the new features, etc introduced in Server 2025 is there a listing somewhere of the what has been improved from a Hyper-V management perspective? 

I am focused on on-premise so we deal with direct powershell, cluster failover manager, HV manager, WAC, SCVM, etc.  It would be nice to jump less between tools depending on the task at hand.


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It is not right there but WAC is the way to go, along with Server Manager, DSAC
SCVMM has licensing requirements but it still in the game.

If you do not require OEM solution extensions for FW and Driver Lifecycle, consider WAC new gateway preview. That is super-fast.
Thanks Karl.
I assume the other ones I mentioned wont have really any improvements, and all focus is on WAC?

All other Server Management Tools (except of minor things in Server Manager) do not receive any updates anymore as announced since Windows Server 2012.

One Important bugfix, I helped to accomplish in DSAC published in Windows Server 2022.


SCVMM receives new features and improvements based on the version. Check the release notes for details.


The amount of friction that require to jump between tools isn't entirely removed but it's getting better. And faster.