Remote desktop to Hyper-V Server 17744 host

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I cannot connect with remote desktop to Hyper-V Server 17744 host.


I have enabled Remote Desktop with sconfig. I did check that TermService service is running.

However the netstat -a and Get-NetTCPConnection show nothing listening on port 3389.

I have tested with firewall disabled, other services and connections do work (icmp ping, PowerShell remoting etc)


Thank you!

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I have same issue.

First installed Hyper-V 2012-R2   .. working.  Tried to do in-place upgrade to Server 2019 .. failed .. license issue ??

Cleaned HDD and re-installed Hyper-V 2019 on empty disk .. ready .. reconfigured settings ...

I am not able to RDP to server ??   No idea why ...

tested -> netstat - ano   -> no RDP port 3389 is listening ???

Disabled FW -> same issue -> no port is listening on 3389


Checked in registry - change port 3389 into 3390 -> same issue -> no port listening on port 3390

Server coldboot -> same issue ... Server warmboot -> same issue.

Ping is working ...   I can manage the system with Windows Admin Center build 1809 !

Changed port back to 3389 -> server reboot ...

Remote desktop via Admin Center -> Not working ??

Cleaned HDD -> Installed Server 2019 Standard edition -> RDP is working !!!

Cleaned HDD -> Installed Server 2019 Hyper-V edition build 17744 -> again no RDP port listening @ 3389.

I can manage the server via Admin Center but I am not able to access "console" via RDP


No Idea what to do now ?


The Solution is: Windows Admin Center, Select powershell,

Now you are not able to run sconfig but configure your 2019 Hyper-V box with powershell :)


Also use ALL the needed powershell commands you need  :)


Problem solved :)