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Reasons why Windows Server Core installation option does not include dsrecmd?


Dear Windows Server Team,

can you share insights why Microsoft preferred installation option for Windows Server does not include dsregcmd, which is a command-line tool? I read about that some months ago and was very surprised. Most of all as it is included in Windows Server with Desktop Experience.


I do not understand why this tool is missing. It would be nice to have the ability to hybrid or AAD join Windows Server as you would be able to do so with Windows Client or eventually Windows Server Desktop Experience. 


How do you interally run Windows Server or SQL Server in Azure if they cannot be joined to AAD?

Thank you very much in advance!

2 Replies
Hello, while I agree Windows Server editions should share a common set of tools, I do not understand why we need to rely on an executable for this.
Such tools should be made available as Windows Powershell modules - as far as I know "being scriptable with Powershell" is still an item from Microsoft Common Engineering Criteria for all Windows Server products.
Absolutely, I was surprised they brought a cloud Integration Tool in form of an executable
If it was a PowerShell module compiled as exe, maybe to hide the code, that's OK. But it's really not.