Project Honolulu - Build 1803 - Cluster Management

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Not sure if this is my Lab or not, but I have built a 2 Node Hyper-V S2D Cluster and I'm seeing how it works in Project Honolulu.  What is interesting is that the "Fail over Cluster Manager" seems to work with it fine, but the "Hyper-Converged Manager" can't get it together.  Sits at "Getting things ready".  Anyone seen this behavior?  Oh, this is a Windows 2016 Platform.



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I have the exact same issue. Check your event log. I bet there are tons of errors there (script errors related to Honolulu).

Better wait for the first release of Honolulu. I heard it´s not too far way.

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In order for Windows Admin Center to manage a Windows Server 2016 hyper-converged solution, you need to install the following update on the cluster nodes from April 17 (or later):


See this blog with the announcement and additional details: