Please enable PS Session to access Nano Server Insider - Container

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I'm trying to access with Enter-PSession to a Windows Server Insider - Container based on microsoft/nanoserver-insider-powershell. That's an impossible mission, it's very sad that we can't connect to containers that way. I can run commands using docker exec, but it does not have elevate privileged enoght to simply copy vsruntime to windows/system32.


docker exec --privileged -i nanoinsider 'C:\program files\powershell\powershell' -c powershell 

## --> to connect with container.


docker exec --privileged -i nanoinsider 'C:\program files\powershell\powershell' -c Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -OutFile C:\Windows\System32\vcruntime140.dll


Also, I can't install nanoserver package to deploy for example IIS on the container, it's very frustrating.

docker exec --privileged -i nanoinsider 'C:\program files\powershell\powershell' -c Install-PackageProvider NanoServerPackage -Scope CurrentUser -Force -Verbose, It does the proccess but fails importing.


Also dism is not enable and we can't deploy roles, features. Really sad...


So, Please, enable PSSession access, or give us a instruccions to connect container with elevate rights, and enable dism, it's really difficult interact with containers without this tools.

Thanks all !!!

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