Other things to improve (to add to the survey)

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If you open an mmc console, like lusrmgr.msc gpedit.msc gpmc.msc dsa.msc etc, every administrator, since the year 2000, moves the divider between the tree pane and the list pane to the right. If you look at every linkedin video you can find, every administrator does that move. Every time. Between three and six seconds wasted. For the last ~24 years. And the divider is too thin to grab on slow remote sessions, costing more time. Updating that default in mmc.exe, to make the tree pane at least double the width and that divider two pixels bigger, would be great. My suggestion would be 250% the current width.

For Edge on Windows Server, it should skip the enforced "do you want to use your data?" at the start. We administrators log on to many MANY servers, often after weeks or month of not logging on, and about every time that wizard comes up and costs us about 20+ seconds. The default start page should be an empty page for data protection reasons and not Bing, let alone that many servers are not allowed to go on the internet anyway. (The same applies to clients as well, every time wasting time with that Edge questions, and no way around, even if we only log in once and never again for the whole life time of that client).

All cloud features (OneDrive, including the notification to backup to OneDrive, Azure/Entra tool etc) should be not installed, but available as feature/role/capability without needing internet to install those.

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