Nvidia GPU is not working on Server 2019&full-width characters in Console apps display strangely.

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Issue 1, Nvidia GPU is not working on Server 2019.

I tested Nvidia Graphic drivers from Geforce Experience, third-party driver installastion softwares, or OEM support platforms where I can download drivers for Server 2016, versions I tested are 376.84, 377.29, 342.01, 362.00, 391.35, and latest 397.31 with four NV Graphic cards: 7200GS, GT210, GT630, GTX1060. In some good occasions, the setup can process until the end, and give me a message that installed successfully, but in Device Manager, there is always showing a warning and saying devices are in problem, the ways to update the drivers, stop the intergrated graphic, etc are all invalid. But these cards are working normally on my other PCs, and the BIOS setting is correct. How can I get the specific driver edition for Windows Server or is there anyway I can let the card work? Please help me...

Issue 2,full-width characters in Console apps display strangely.

This problem is not dedicated on only 17650 Server 2019. It remains 3 or maybe more versions, and the latest 17655, in Win10 Skip Ahead. And I have given feedback on this issues somedays but no effect or solution, or the explanation from Microsoft engineers. I can nearly use none of Console applications as my locale is Chinese, so that daily maintenance of server is unable to carry out as I installed 2019 on my physical machines of Gaming workstation.

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