ISSUE - Upgrading from WS 2022 to 2025 Preview - Flight-signing - UX is unclear


When trying to upgrade from WS 2022 to WS 2025 in non production environments, the panther setup requests to enable flight signing. 
This is by design.

The issue here is that hitting 'enable' + 'refresh' will "not do anything".



kindly request on this matter:
- improve the UX by "reboot is required" in bold font. 
- the "refresh" button could be actually turned into "reboot" button that becomes enabled once the "enable" button successfully changed flightsigning to "on".
- The enable button might become greyed out or transform into "Disable"





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initial version of this post was bogus, sorted my intentions and wrong parts out.

Continuing the Setup after reboot "Continue where you left off" greets you with Windows 11 instead of Windows Server