ISSUE - sconfig interface index different / cannot edit static IP


Dear Microsoft Team,

I would like to request looking into these issues:


1. Get-Netadapter ifIndex is different in sconfig. Sconfig ifindex do not match an are apparently wrong. 

this is reproducible. Currently the only way to identify is the InferfaceDescription in sconfig, because ifalias / ifname are missing. I made a FR for these aswell as for VLAN config in previous threads. No reponse on these yet


2. if an adapter has DHCP disabled and a static IP address, sconfig can no longer be used to change the IP adress. There is no option to remove IPAdress and Gateway either.

error :-Failed to release DHCP lease, Result Code 83

Please to look into these and my FRs for sconfig.

I understand that the point of Artem is that sconfig is not a management rather first settings tool,

Yet these basics have to work anyway as inexperienced people would be lost. It is not easy to remediate such state with PowerShell. Especially on Azure Stack HCI and Windows Server Core. 

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I believe the underlying issue for issue #2 re-assigning the IP address is that the switching from DHCP to static ip uses new-netipadress and always requires a gateway.

there is "single way" to remove an existing gateway in sconfig. And if you just change the IP address, which would be possible without specifying the gateway once again, it could solve the issue,

the issue that once a static IP / gateway is set and you switch to DHCP, sconfig needs to take care to remove the NetIPAddress and the NetRoute. It seems it does not do this correctly.

filed in feedback hub, please consider looking into these.