ISSUE: Microsoft ADK b25217 or earlier, VAMT 3.1 has issues with Windows Server 2019 / 2022

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Affected Products:

Windows ADK VAMT 3.x - W11 version 22H2

Windows ADK VAMT 3.x - W11 version 21H2

Windows ADK VAMT 3.x - W10 version 21H2

Windows ADK VAMT 3.x - WS2022 version

Windows ADK VAMT 3.x - current preview 


1. VAMT 3.1 has the issue that the Windows Server 2022 is still named Windows Server 2021 in the configuration.

Introduced with ADK Windows 11 ADK 21H2 / Windows Server 2022 ADK







2. GVLK for Windows Server 2019 Datacenter or Standard are no longer accepted.

Introduced with ADK Windows 11 ADK 22H2 (eventually previous versions)


Problem: WS 2019 Standard + Datacenter generic keys can no longer be added to VAMT database.

Other product keys seem unaffected.





GVLK Key source


Thank you for flagging this to the team, it has been discussed in other topics, but I hope the next release of ADK will provide a fix (DB connection issue, is already fixed). TYVM in advance.




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- Server 2021 name issue will not be fixed i presume :)

- Since build 15063, ADK can support only two versions:
pkconfig_win10.xrm-ms = locked on build 14393 (Server 2016)
pkconfig_winNext.xrm-ms = the equivalent build keys

Server 2022 ADK or later = support Server 2022, but not Server 2019
the next Server 2025 ADK = support Server 2025, but not Server 2022 or 2019
I could live with the number but to decide for a VAMT for 2019 or 2022 or or later is extremely hard to handle in day to day scenarios.
How should we execute activation at scale of WS 2019 against ADBA if we cannot install the GVLK?
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Windows 10 LTSC 2021 had similar issue with ADK 22000 & 20348
you can add the support for WS 2019 manually in the same steps

As always thank you very much sharing the insights. You are not only a hero in the area of Windows Servicing, but also one for your duly service. Kudos!