Is it still impossible to test 19008 on Azure?

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After I obtained the ISO for "Windows Server Insider Preview -19008 English" and created the VM locally, I migrated the VM to Azure as described below.


  Prepare a Windows VHD or VHDX to upload to Azure


However, when I tried to connect to this VM remotely using Remote Desktop, I encountered the following error "Remote Desktop Services Session Terminated" (Error without error code) after authentication was completed.



According to Boot diagnostics on Azure Portal, it looks like the Windows Server Core is listening properly as shown below "Press Ctr-Alt-Del to unlock".



Note that although I tried both Specialized and Generalize VM images, the results did not change.

Is there any additional operation required to configure Windows Server Insider Preview 19008 VM?
Or is it still impossible to test 19008 on Azure?


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I get the same thing with the latest build when I apply the update to a pre-existing WS 2019 data center Azure vm. Based on the rousing lack of response here, I suppose this is a non-issue, or perhaps expected behavior, and the idea to install insider builds on Azure vms is not supported. Azure portal is disconnected from "agents" after the "upgrade" or is it "downgrade" to broken vm? In other words, after running the install on an Azure vm, none of the pre-existing "agents" are functional. Thus there is no way to uninstall/reinstall agents; no way to connect via terminal; no way to run scripts; essentially the vm is running (or something) and there is no apparent way to interact with it.  Redeploy does nothing and is not helpful. ... "It's _dead,_ Jim" is my prognosis. Ergo **_DONT INSTALL INSIDERS ON AN AZURE VM IF YOU WANT TO USE IT_** I'm NOT YELLING (lol), just applying "emfasis on the koorekt sylAbEL. :) In the words of Nigel Tufnell, "You can't dust for vomit," so "Don't even look at this one."