Installing Admin Center on Server 2019 - Seems to do nothing?

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I downloaded the latest Server 2019 pre-release3 (17677.1000) and have it up and working! YEAH.


Then I downloaded the latest version of the Admin Center and installed it using defaults (except I did add a desktop shortcut).


Admin Center appears to be installed, but it does not seem to do anything. 


I attach a screenshot which shows that the Admin Center is installed (with the desktop icon), the versions of Windows Server I'm using plus the browser window. I should say the empty browser window. ;)


I've installed the pre-requisites, but I see nothing. Rebooting did not resolve this. Nothing that specifically stands out in the event logs.


Is there some step I should have taken? 

And does the Admin Center work on Server 2019?


And as an aside - I'd have expected Windows Server 2019 to either have Honolulu installed by default or installable with an 'Install-WindowsFeature command (and one that would handle all the pre-requisites).

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Turns out the problem is that IE and Admin Center do not work together. As soon as I loaded Chrome, all was well. I have to ask, what kind of a brain-dead default installation program that installs something that just does not work as a default? Two bits of feedback: First, ensure that the Admin Center is added as a Windows Feature so I can add/remove it with Install-WindowsFeature cmdlet. ANd ensure it handles ALL of the prerequisites being installed. Also, ensure there is a message of Chrome cannot be found. I have today updated the installation documentation to note this requirement.

I experienced the exact same set of issue; and like this reported; I installed MOZILLA Firefox and my issues then went by the wayside....


Kinda strange but thanks for the workaround!  Getting ready to put them through the pace of HA / DC...


Lets keep fingers crossed.