Install windows 10 insider preview

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When I install window 10 insider on a server that is a VM I get a error code 0xc1900101-0x200c

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Wait.. So you're trying to install WIndows 10 Insider Preview on a VM that's currently running Server?
You can't upgrade windows server to Windows 10.
You need to completely reinstall the OS
I was not try to I want to install windows servers insider preview
Sorry, I was confused because you said windows 10 originally.
Are you trying to use in-place upgrade or fresh install? What build are you using?
In place upgrade
Earlier versions of the insider builds had issues with in place upgrades. Maybe try the feedback hub to let them know its still an issue.
Is the server you're trying to upgrade running server core currently? Because I don't think you can in place upgrade a gui install to a core install

Hi @Marcus_Dwyer 


in the screenshot you attached, it appears that you're trying to install Windows server 2019 and not Windows 10 insider. is that correct?

Windows 10 server insider

@Marcus_Dwyer wrote:
Windows 10 server insider


Hmm okay, could you please point me to website where I can get "Windows 10 server insider" from?