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Insider Preview 17723: docker pull does not work without Hyper-V feature installed

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After another VM had problems running Insider Preview 17723 with Windows containers on his Synology in a VM ( ) I also tried it in VirtualBox.


And indeed, I also cannot pull Docker images or run Windows containers.


It turns out that two DLL's are missing to make docker pull and docker run work.

These two DLL's are part of the Containers feature in Server 2016, but no longer in 2019 Insider.


- vmprox.dll

- vmwpctrl.dll




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I came across this thread and wanted to follow up with more information as I have confirmed the information with the Product Group. This issue has been fixed in later builds. 


The only dll needed, which is missing since Hyper-V role is not installed, its vmwpctrl.dll.


 If this is a physical system:

  1. install the Hyper-V role and this will install the missing .dll
  2. Restart
  3. Uninstall the Hyper-V role, if the role is not needed.

If the container host is a Hyper-V VM

  1. Shut down the VM to enable nested virtualization
  2. Install the Hyper-V role and this will install the missing .dll
  3. Restart
  4. Uninstall they Hyper-V role
  5. Restart


Steven Graves


C + AI – Serviceability Team


Thank you. Good to know that it will be fixed. It is still broken in the new 17733 ISO, but I'll check again with upcoming builds again.