I can't Turn on network discovery

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Why in Advanced sharing settinggs the Turn on network discovery can't save the settings in Windows Server 2019 Preview? Although as an admin I turn it on and save settings, it's again off when I open Advanced sharing settinggs.


The second problem is that when I click Choose media streaming optons, I get the message The page failed to load.

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Can't anyone say what's the problem. In Server 2016 the Network discovery works OK.

For network discovery, it's a common issue.


Open services.msc and make sure the following services are all running:

  • DNS Client
  • Function Discovery Resource Publication
  • SSDP Discovery
  • UPnP Device Host

After that turn network discovery on again and it should stay enabled.

Thank you, this fixed the issue for me.
In Windows Server 2019, the SSDP and UPnP service were disabled by default.

Big thanks, just playing with a virtual machine.

@GarrettG same here. 2/2

Worked like a charm, thank you!

This also was the fix for me on a new Server 2022 setup


@Iain Barlow 


Like others I was able to change the items to discoverable but it still is not showing in File Explorer under Network.


Does anyone have any ideas?


Thanks in advance.!


What exactly is not showing under Network?

@Iain Barlow 


It is a server.  It is now discoverable but it still is not seen in File Explorer > Network. 

I have confirmed that the server is marked as discoverable.



@GarrettG That worked for me as well.

When I bought Windows Server 2019, I didn't have that problem any more.

@Kari Kaipainen  I had the problem on 2019 and server 2022 (preview)

Solved! Thank you

@Iain Barlow Thank you!!!! That solved it!

Thank you! Server 2022 needs this enabled as well.

thank you very much man

i had same problem 100%@Iain Barlow 

and now it fixed i had 3 services from 4 diasbled

iam using windows server 2008 r2

Worked on my Server 2019, thanks!
Amazing, that worked for me. Thanks a ton!