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Hello everybody.

I am not conversant with the management of servers, but I just installed the Windows Server 2019 DataCenter evaluation in a non goverment political party office and in order to get some expertise in the management of this suite i just installed it in my personnal laptop. I have been windows 10 insider for a long time and have had very good experiences on learning more about this very friendly OS and have much satisfaction when i realize that my participation has echo in MS. Thus, I am interested on joining, aswell, the Windows Server Insiders program, but this option is not available on the config console. I download the Windows Server Insiders version and installed it, but i just got frustration as there's not a friendly inerface to manage it.

Can some body give me directions to access this very interesting experience?

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Thank you for your interest. The Feedback Hub application is not supported on Windows Server operating systems. If you are a member of the Windows 10 Insider program, you automatically also have access to previews of Windows Server. Unlike Windows 10 client builds that are pushed down to your device, you must download ISOs of Windows Server and perform your own installations. Currently we are offering previews of the next Semi-Annual Channel release of Windows Server which is the Core installation option only. See the latest build announcement in this forum for the link to the download page and instructions on how to provide feedback on Windows Server from your Windows 10 device.

Mary Hoffman thanks a lot for your comment.


My problem is my lack of experience with Powershell. I depend absolutely in the friendly user interface of Windows and I don't know how to ser it up. Do you have any advise?

There are a number of options for managing Windows Server Core version. You might try Windows Admin Center which is also available on the Server Insider Download page. See Use Windows Admin Center to manage your environment (New!) and Remote Server Administration Tools.