How to enable wsl 2 on windows server 2022 ver 20329?

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I installed wsl and enabled hyper-v features on my 20329 server, but I could not tansfer my wsl to wsl 2

Is it supported yet?


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So far it seems like MS will prevent us from running WSL2 on a server with a GUI.
Is there a reason why so?

I have also the GUI running and the commands "wsl --set-default-version 2" and "wsl --set-version <distroname> 2" do not work, even when they are listed in "wsl --help".

Is there a workaround for enabling WSL2 on Windows Server 2022 with GUI running?

No one?

It also doesn't run with no GUI running!
I guess WSL2 is not meant to be run on Windows Server.

WSL1 works but is hard to get it working since no Microsoft Store is available on Windows Server and wsl --install and wsl --update do not work.


Also exporting a WSL2 machine (from a desktop pc with windows 10) and then importing on a server (with Windows Server 2022) sets the version back to 1.

Some exciting news to share, in direct response to your feedback we have just added WSL2 to Windows Server 2022!! WSL2 will be broadly available in the June cumulative update, for those looking to get it sooner it is available today by installing the 5C update here:

THANK YOU for your feedback in helping us make Windows Server better!